Bilinguals Earn More Money!

We know that learning a second language is great for your brain’s neuroplasticity and can lead to improvements in your working memory, your ability to process information, and can even fight off the onset of Alzheimer’s by five years – but sometimes we overlook the most quantifiable benefit of being multilingual: earning more money!  That’s […]

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Fighting off Alzheimer’s

Most of us decide to learn another language because we are interested in using that language for some purpose, right? Maybe we want to travel, make friends, or apply for a new job (all of which, by the way, are great reasons to start learning a new language)! New research says that maybe we should […]

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Working Memory & Info Processing

It turns out that learning a second language is great for the whole family! Have you ever thought about teaching your kids English (or any other language) from an early age? When I decided to regularly expose my children to Spanish beginning as soon as they came home from the hospital – I heard a […]

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